Is Polo for the Wealthy?

December 04, 2016  •  1 Comment

Is Polo for the wealthy? I did some research into the cost of an average formula one car; it is about 9.4 Million (source). The salaries of Manchester United this year (source), were a shock!

Polo is such an underestimated game; it is truly for all the family, where you can picnic, relax and just have fun.

I would like to just write about this most amazing sport; it is grace, its patience to wait for no person yet be a game where time has the little accuracy to get started. A game where a player is just that, a woman or man alike take to the field as the team.

' Les temps de preparation est long en comparaison au temp d action’

The team in the world of polo should be called a ‘Pride’ because that is what goes into every game, pride. Each ponies is traditionally prepared for the 7 minutes of play time they have.

A polo pony is not a breed but an outcome of extensive training; they need to be able to turn on a sixpence, run rapid short bursts, anticipate the rider's commands within milliseconds. It is within this discipline that my passion lies. Amazing ponies!

Being on a field with 8 ponies charging at over 30 miles an hour then stopping in feet is not for the weak-hearted for sure, it is an or can be a dangerous sport if not respected. Moreover, the rules reflect this, many of the rules in polo are designed for the ponies and players safety.

So is Polo for the wealthy? I think it is for the skilled equestrian sports person and their ponies who are backed up by a dedicated pride.

Why not go to a game, well actually it is a day out where you should be just as comfortable eating a pork pie with tea or caviar with champagne.

Cowdray Park or Guards are major Polo venues, check them out in the new season (May 2017)





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