People of Polo's costs are as follows:

Type of Photography  Daily Cost
Daily Cost** (With contract) POA
Daily booking rate (no current contract)* £750
Weddings Starting @ £1,000
Portraits (Horse)* £250  * (1 hrs)
Portraits (People)* £350 (4 hrs)
Social Media (per month) £150
Shoots Aboard £850 + Costs
Lessons in Photography (Minimum 3)  £300 P/P *
*Plus the cost of fuel 0.50p/mile and accommodation 
** Limited Image downloads with a contract in place
Our website offers prints and framing delivered to your door; this is not a bespoke service. However, we do cater for bespoke images and framing which come in a range of colour and styles so to suit the room where the picture is to be displayed. Please contact us for more information by clicking here or to book click here
We fully cater for Wedding Photography, please visit our wedding page here for details.