The goal is to be able to produce good quality pictures of polo.

People of Polo is about reach into the market and not about profit. Our goal is to attract pro photographers who can deliver exceptional quality every time. People of Polo core beliefs are that we do not have more than two photographers in a single match at the same time (except large events), allowing the photographer to take the merit and 90% of the revenue of the sold images.

The remaining 10% is banked, the cost of running People of Polo subtracted what is left if any is put back in for advertising and promotion. Each invited photographer has the option to an equal share and responsibility of People of Polo.

Watermarks are per the individual photographer and People of Polo

We are photographers for the foremost, People of Polo collectively wants people to be able to find the images they wish to purchase from their photographer in one place.

People of Polo, working together so we can just do our job, capturing the moment, for you.  

To capture the beauty, one needs to realise what beauty is!

If you are interested in joining us, please apply here and add 'Join Us' into the subject line