Talandracas v El Remanso 12-05-2017-185.jpgTalandracas v El Remanso 12-05-2017-185.jpg New from People of Polo, 'Your Team Time.'

When you’re playing, you don’t get to see the whole game as a spectator would, albeit you want an image for a keepsake or so you can learn more about your gameplay. People of Polo would like to introduce 'Your Team Time', Your Team Time is a dedicated photo shoot of your team; one of our photographers will take pictures of your team while you are playing chukkas or a larger match. Your Team Time will be devoted to 15 mins before the game starts, the game itself, through to group shots after the game.

                The cost for this is just £200, that is £50 per player, for 20 images! 


This very affordable offer is open to all players at Cowdray Park Polo, RCBPC, Tidworth and soon Cirencester. Also if you wish to pay extra via our shop, you can have your image on a mug, phone case or many other items in our store.

We do offer a framing service. However, we recommend that you contact us directly as we can provide more choices with our bespoke framing options.

How can you register for 'Your Team Time? It could not be more straightforward, to book a time and venue click here to make your day a more memorable occasion by remembering it as a spectator would.

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